About True Blue

True Blue is the life blood and energy of the University at Buffalo. Our goal is to spread school spirit and pride through fun activities, programs, and community involvement. Anyone and everyone is welcome and encouraged to join our ranks!

2017-2018 E-Board

Position Name Email
President Steph Wolcott snwolcot (at) buffalo.edu
Vice President Kyle Hughes kylehugh (at) buffalo.edu
Treasurer Kevin McCormick kpmccorm (at) buffalo.edu
Secretary Zach Eaton zceaton (at) buffalo.edu

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Position Name Email
General Body Chair Kelsey Cadwallader klcadwal (at) buffalo.edu
General Body Chair Kyle Yagielski kyleyagi (at) buffalo.edu
Community Outreach Chair Steph Gavin smgavin (at) buffalo.edu
Community Outreach Chair Matthew Helou mhelou (at) buffalo.edu
Community Outreach Chair Gabby Jerzak gljerzak (at) buffalo.edu
Olympic Sports Chair Josh Deveso jadeveso (at) buffalo.edu
Olympic Sports Chair Vishav Dubb vishavdu (at) buffalo.edu
Olympic Sports Chair Brian Hebbard blhebbar (at) buffalo.edu
Community Service Chair Daniel Nicholson dpnichol (at) buffalo.edu
Fundraising Chair Matt Hansen mthansen (at) buffalo.edu